Guar Gum, NAG and Colloidal Silver


n-acetyl Glucosamine (NAG)

  • Can reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • Recommended over alpha hydroxy acids
  • a good skin penetrant



guar gum

Guar Gum

  • Made from the ground endosperm of guar beans
  • A natural emulsifier to prevent separation of ingredients





colloidal silver4


Colloidal Silver

  • A safe preservative (2)
  • Anti microbial, anti fungal, anti viral




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(2) A Pharmacological and Toxicological Profile of Silver as an Antimicrobial Agent in Medical Devices
“Silver should not be regarded as a cumulative poison”
Advances in Pharmacological Sciences
Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 910686, 16 pages



Further reading;

The effect of N-acetyl-glucosamine on stratum corneum desquamation and water content in human skin; “We propose the use of amino sugars such as NAG as alternative compounds to replace the use of alpha-hydroxy acids in skin care”


Reduction in the appearance of facial hyperpigmentation by topical N-acetyl glucosamine;
“NAG is a good skin penetrant.”


Niosome as a drug carrier for topical delivery of N-acetyl glucosamine.