Orange Rind, Orange Oil and Stevia

orange rind peel natural  skin cream

Orange Rind/Peel (dried)

  • Natural deodorizer
  • Preservative (1)
  • High antioxidant (1)



Orange oil


We use pure organic cold-pressed orange oil from organic farming.

  • antimicrobial  (1)
  • powerful antibacterial and antifungal (2)
  • researchers found it had an: Inhibitory Effect on Tumor Promotion on mice skin (3)














  • May help to stabilise vitamin c and anthocyanins (1)
  • May contain anti microbial properties and function as a preservative (2)







Further reading

ABSTRACT Monoterpenes are nonnutritive dietary components found in the essential oils of citrus fruits and other plants. A number of these dietary monoterpenes have antitumor activity. For example, d-limonene, which comprises .90% of orange peel oil, has chemopreventive activity against rodent mammary, skin, liver, lung and forestomach cancers. Similarly, other dietary monoterpenes have chemopreventive activity against rat mammary, lung and forestomach cancers when fed during the initiation phase.

Our studies showed that limonene is bio available in mammary tissue after topical orange oil application in mice and this novel route of administration to the breast is safe and feasible in healthy women.