Skin health & exercise

Regular, moderate exercise can help to make our largest organ appear more youthful and healthy. This is because exercise is known to increase blood flow and circulation improving cardiovascular health (1), which may stimulate cell growth as well as replenish and repair old or damaged skin. When the body’s sweat glands are activated, the skin, an excretory organ, can rid itself of dead cells, pollutants and other impurities more easily. In addition, exercise can help to tone muscles beneath the skin and thus decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ideally, exercise should take place outside, so the skin can excrete, restore and rejuvenate with the aid of fresh air and sunlight. When combined with natural, nutrient-dense skin care and wholesome dietary choices, regular exercise can certainly help improve overall complexion and provide the skin with an extra glow.



(1) Skin anti-aging strategies;

In conclusion, potentiating physical fitness is undoubtedly the best medicine available today for combating the inexorable process of aging


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